what’s the point of a high school boy?? oh what are u gonna do drive me around in your older brothers beat up Volvo?? buy me lunch at jamba juice??? complain to me about the new calling duty game?? who cares

The point isn’t to date just to have them around, but to fall in love with the entirety of them and build upon that for many years.

Calm down john green

yesterday i saw the corpse of a man who
1.hugged me so tight i couldn’t breathe
2.made me choke on butterflies that i couldn’t breathe either

yesterday I saw a man i couldn’t recognise:
3.he looked like you but the man i once knew wasn’t cold when near
4. wasn’t cold from far away

5. yesterday i saw a man who was once mine to call
6. yesterday i saw a man- who was once mine to call- deplete into memories.

i don’t have you to miss anymore. but these memories- they ache to feel alive again.

God help me.